Saturday, January 3, 2009


I am picture crazy this morning and want to share more images....These first images are of items I will be selling early this year, on Etsy and on Ebay.

Here are a few images from around my house. I find when I do eat an apple a day, I'm much happier...

These fabulous items can be found on my talented friends website. Her name is Katie Roser and I'm always calling her "Martha Stewart Florida". She also writes childrens books in addition to sewing, ceramics, sculpture, drawing, photography and whatever else she decides to do. She is amazing. Whenever she comes up with something new I immediately try and purchase it from her because I expect her to be completely famous. And did I mention she is one of the nicest souls around?

Lastly, here are some images of one of my favorite cities that I took when I was there for the National Stationery Show last year. I can envision living in the upper west side. I have never seen such amazing architectural details like I do in New York. I heart NY.