Sunday, February 15, 2009

Thank You for my Flower!!

Had to share my wonderful new gift. After a fun day of crafting at my good friend Jeanne's house, I didn't realize that the first needle felted pin she did that day was really for me! What a treat! It looks so beautiful pinned on my brown jacket also. Don't you just love that button and those neat beads? I really like her eye for color. I am putting aside some beads for her too since I just reorganized the studio and can actually see all that I have. Friends Rule! Thanks Jeanne!!!

She has an Etsy Shop....Yipee!

I had told you I would give you a link if ever she had one and she's finally done it! My friend Stephanie, founder of Petite Posies on Etsy is finally selling her beautiful creations. I had purchased this one at her last craft fair and it's so pretty in person! After wearing it, I am going to pin it in my car since it's so sweet and I want to be able to enjoy it everyday. She will even do custom orders I hear. Congrats Stephanie!!

Time for a Change

Something big is coming....I can feel it in my bones, so it's a perfect time to reorganize my studio so I can get to all my new loves. After seeing so many amazing artists blogs ( like Julie Collings ), I want to hone in on some sweet and soft new crafts. The items I make will all make it to my Etsy shop and then who knows where...Here are some colorful pix from my reorganization.