Friday, March 7, 2008

Happy Spring...almost

I'm just too excited about the upcoming Spring Season!!! Here is a pic of one of my latest postcards I'm offering on my Etsy site. Out here in California it's like heaven on earth and it seems even the drivers are in a better mood. Probably because they can see longer on the road with more daylight. It's just a win-win situation all around! And, the stores have started carrying the Bubble Gum Eggs that I look forward to every year. In fact, I stock up on them in my emergency "earthquake" bag in the trunk of my car. ( I like to think ahead ) I am designing greeting cards faster than the cheese topping can slide off of greasy pizza! I am so excited to lauch these new lines. I'll make sure to send you all the links when I'm ready to share the stores they'll be sold in. I also had the thrill of speaking with a couple of "greeting card rock stars!!" to get some advice. I'll make sure to give you their links also when I'm ready. Happy Happy Almost Spring!! and please tell me that you are doing whatever you can to make every one of your dreams come true!!! ( it's almost better than bubble gum eggs! )