Wednesday, October 14, 2009

One of my Favorite Teachers

I was so fortunate this past Summer to take a special watercolor flower class with one of most favored teachers. I learned about Lisa Engelbrecht when I joined the Southern California Society for Calligraphy. Her lettering speaks to my soul and I aspire to get my letters to "sing" like hers do. She is also so talented in other ways, fiber arts, watercolor, mixed media collage, not just Calligraphy and when I first attended one of her Calligraphy classes and saw her work I almost passed out from joy. Finally I was seeing art that spoke to me and since that day, it has helped to guide me to creating better designs, the kind that will bare my soul and to be brave and create!
Enough are some pics from that wonderful day in her backyard from the class...

When you arrive you get a folder filled with color xeroxes and information and she writes the name of each person on the cover in Calligraphy with special inks that bleed into gorgeous


Can you believe how subtle the little flowers are? Amazing

This fun planter sits in the backyard and adds more inspiration to the day...